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This month's top picks

So hard to choose, but each month I'll be highlighting my top 5 picks from our Greenfinch artists and makers. Of course there's SO much more to see, so please do come along for a leisurely browse.

Julian Sutherland-Beatson - Cuckmere.jpg
Marian Boswall - Sustainable Garden book.jpg

Artwork, cushions, perfume & books

Top row

Left: Cuckmere Haven  by Julian Sutherland-Beatson
Acrylic on canvas £625

Middle: Sustainable Garden by Marian Boswall
Hardback book £18

Right: Ceramic Flow Jugs by Kate Schuricht
Jugs from £90-£145

Bottom row

Left: Eden Perfume
Per 30ml bottle £20


Right: Mosaic Faces by Debbie Siniska
Textile Art Cushion £53 each

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